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Dating Tips for Women and Men

When it comes to finding a relationship we all have an opinion. Your co worker, your friend and even your hairdresser will shed heaps of advice on this subject

With the high divorce rate and the number of singles still looking for love, it looks like what everyone else is doing is not working.

So, when it comes to results that count, you can’t afford to follow what everyone else is doing because you will get the same results.

I realize that most people do not have the time to research and find good quality information about finding a relationship and keeping it.

If you are single then these dating tips for men and dating tips for women will help strengthen the challenges you may face like communications, money, infidelity, stress or simply just falling out of love.

If a guy does not know how to talk to a women or a woman does not know what a guy wants then you need to check out this information I will send you. You will find quick easy and effective answers to your relationship problems. You will have the best, proven methods for finding new relationships and rekindling old ones.

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dating tips for women – how to get a second date

Still waiting for that phone call from your last date? Are you starting to feel desperate and dateless? Check out these dating tips for women and see where you may have gone wrong. You may only have to make a few adjustments to your dating techniques to have the guys chasing you.

Practice these few dating tips and those dating errors will be a thing of the past

Take a honest look at yourself and see if you are putting up any one of these red flags. There’s no greater way to scare a guy that to have you labeled with any one of these dating traits.

1)      The Desperate Dater Flag:

Don’t be a cling on… Sure, Guys like to know you like them but calling them the next day after a date for no apparent reason, may come across as needy. Do not suffocate the relationship before it starts. Guys like to move at their own pace so if he is going to call or text message you he will. Chasing after a guy will not work and will only put you on his casual list. He has to think he is chasing you.

2)      The Interrogator Dater Flag:

Do you carry an invisible clip board with a check list attached? Are you interviewing him for the role of Mr. Right? If he does not pass the interrogation process would you refuse a second date? Do you feel like you are running out of time and have to find out as much as you can about him on the first date? Lighten up, you will find out more if you let things progress naturally. Everyone is nervous on their first date, so throw away the clip board, you will find out more on your second date once he lets his guard down.

3)      Emotional Baggage Dater Flag:

Talking about your ex-boyfriend, ex-husband, or any think ex on your first date or any date is a no… no… Guys do not want to hear about your emotional baggage. The best way to make a guy feel uncomfortable is to have him think he is a replacement ex-something. Remember every guy is different and you should treat them that way. Don’t mold them into what you want them to be. Guys want to have fun on their first date not a psychology course.

4)      The Nervous Wreck Dating Flag:

Meeting anyone for the first time can be nerve wrecking for both sides. Especially when neither one knows what to say. Nerves can sometimes cause you to talk a lot; just remember you have two ears so use them to listen by using open ended questions. Once you find a mutual topic the conversation will flow automatically. Whatever you do don’t fall into the trap of drinking too much for ‘Dutch Courage,’ as this can quickly change you into ‘Super Lush’ and become easy prey.

5)      The Great Pretender dating Flag:

Agreeing with everything a guy says just to get that second date won’t work. You have to be honest about your likes and dislikes, turning yourself into something you are not will only last a short while. Your real self will pop up one day and he will wonder where the other you went. You have to build a relationship on TRUST so be yourself he might actually like the real YOU.

6)      Easy Prey Dating Flag:

Becoming a one night stand is a guarantee it will not progress into a long term relationship. If you are easy prey for him he will think you are easy for anyone. Guys like to be the hunters so give him a challenge. If he is at all interested in the real you he will hang around for that second date. If you can build his interest by showing him your other special attributes then he will be more inclined to stick around.

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Dating Tips for Women

“Why You Should Ditch the Rules”

In the old fashioned ways of black and white movies the steps from courtship to marriage was quite clear. The women shyly waited for the men to ask them out on a date, the man always paid and the woman waited in anticipation of a marriage proposal.

These rules were clearly defined and any deviation from these rules where done only by vulgar and shameless women.

It was once said that men were MEN and women new there place. Thank goodness we no longer live in those days of black and white movies. We have the days of color where a woman’s role has changed and is no longer old fashioned and limiting. Today’s modern woman works in whatever job they like and living a liberated lifestyle. So why would you put yourself under the yoke of Do’s and Don’ts of bygone days.

The modern man and woman of these days can be open and honest about things that were frowned on a few decades ago. Along with this new found freedom comes a great deal of confusion. Although the old rules were restricting we knew what to do. We knew what each other’s role was as a man and a woman.

Now each has equal say in dating and relationships the confusion lies in who is supposed to make the next move… or better still, what is the next move?

The old dating rules are no longer adjustable to the way that society has changed.

That is why I think that it is important to develop a new standard for dating and relationships that emulate who you are as the present-day woman in this modern dating world.

This is why I would like to introduce you to Amy Waterman, author of “How to Be Irresistible to Men,” and Marie Forleo, author of “Make Every Man Want You,” who have collaborated a dating course like no other.

They can show you how you can find out what to do in ANY dating situation in an effortless and irresistible way without the do’s and don’ts of bygone days with this riveting audio program, “Make Every Man Want You MORE!”

Over the course of these six lessons, Amy and Marie provide the essential tools every modern woman needs for dating and what is required to make the relationship move to the next step from casual to commitment.

The single woman today can feel extremely pressured in to living up to each area of their lives, from appearance, career and their love life.  So if you don’t want to settle for anything less than excellence in your life and LOVE, take a look at “Make Every Man Want You More,” it will teach you how to naturally and flawlessly reach you goals.

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